Admit it: do you still hand write your manuscripts?

You’re in good company! Plenty of writers still create their first drafts the old-fashioned way: by hand. I do. And I know many others do, too.

In this day and age of technology, why would anyone opt to write by hand with paper and pen (or pencil)? Because there’s something about it that allows a free-er flow of thought and creativity from the brain to the paper than from the brain to keyboard and screen. Others appreciate the ease and portability of lightweight paper and pen. Others might not trust technology, particularly if they–or someone they know–experienced a devastating loss through a computer crash.

Whatever your reason, if it works for your writing, it makes sense to do it.

However, when it’s time to submit to a publisher or self-publish, what do you do? At that point, a handwritten document won’t be accepted.

The solution is simple: type up that manuscript.

But what if you don’t know how to type? Or what if your typing skills are rusty and tedious at best? Hire a typist. This option is probably more affordable than you think. Also, rates are typically quoted per page, so you’ll know the cost upfront–not get hit with an unexpectedly huge bill. While getting a short story typed up is extremely affordable, novellas and novels can be too, as long as you use the right service.

I recommend, which offers fast, affordable, professional typing services. So don’t let your handwritten manuscripts languish in a drawer–get them typed into clean, formatted manuscripts that you can submit or publish like a professional.

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